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Beeston Hall

Beeston Hall is proud of its North Norfolk boarding heritage, having been preparing boys and girls for public schools around the country, for over 75 years.

Children all leave at 13, with over 60% (on average) achieving a scholarship or award. We are academically ambitious but there is an abiding sense of freedom for each child to explore, take risks and experience failure as well as success.   This works because Beeston is a small school, where we know each child well, with an inclusive atmosphere in which children are celebrated for their talents and differences, as well as efforts and achievements.  

 The idyllic setting of Beeston, between forest and seashore, enables children to maximise their enjoyment of childhood, whilst developing into robust and generous contributors to the world around them. The Beeston Brief, detailing purpose, resilience and empathy as the three key values, underpins every activity, designed to support the school’s principle aim: to let confidence flourish.  


Fred de Falbe


Beeston Hall School, West Runton, Cromer NR27  9NQ


01263 837324      beestonhall.co.uk