About Us

Our Values

Pupils First

We are an organisation dedicated to the education, wellbeing and development of the children in our schools. All of our decisions are informed by what is in the best interests of these children.

High Performing

We look for excellence. We set high standards for our pupils and staff and support each other in pursuit of these standards.


As a leading education charity, we are proud of our heritage but are forward looking. We anticipate change and adapt to meet the needs of current and future families, who are or will be members of our communities.


We are a strong network of prep schools. We combine the strengths in our network for the benefit of each of our schools and the pupils and staff at these schools.

Outward looking

As a charity, we recognise that we have a responsibility to the wider communities in which we operate. We have a strong social purpose and believe that we can make a positive impact beyond our schools.