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The Importance of Internet Filtering

The Internet is a powerful tool that can be used for learning, communication, and entertainment. However, it can also be a dangerous place for children and young adults. The range of inappropriate content online can be bewildering and includes, to name but a few: pornography, violence, hate speech, cyberbullying and online predation. These are serious problems which we need to be conscious of and aware of.

Internet filtering is a way to protect pupils from these dangers. It works by blocking access to certain websites and types of content. Internet filtering can be implemented at home, but it is especially important in schools.

Here are some of the benefits of internet filtering in schools:

  • Protects pupils from inappropriate content: Internet filtering can block access to pornography, violence, and hate speech. This helps to protect pupils from being exposed to harmful content which could be detrimental to their physical and emotional well-being.

  • Reduces distractions: Internet filtering can also be used to block access to social media, gaming sites, and other non-educational websites. This helps to reduce distractions and keep pupils focused on their important educational schoolwork.

  • Prevents cyberbullying: Cyberbullying is a serious problem that can have a devastating impact on children's lives. Internet filtering can help to prevent cyberbullying by blocking access to websites and apps that are commonly used to bully others.

  • Protects pupils from online predation: Online predators often target children and young adults. Internet filtering can help to protect pupils from online predators by blocking access to websites and apps that are known to be frequented by predators.

GoGuardian is a popular internet filtering solution that is used by all of our Trust schools. GoGuardian offers a variety of features that can help schools to protect their pupils online, including:

  • Content filtering: GoGuardian blocks access to websites and types of content that are considered to be inappropriate for pupils.

  • Activity monitoring: GoGuardian monitors student activity online and generates reports that can be used to identify pupils who may be at risk of cyberbullying, online predation, or other problems.

  • Classroom management: GoGuardian carefully manages student devices in the classroom. Teachers, for example, are able to use GoGuardian to block access to certain websites and apps during class time.

  • Outside school: When pupils use their 1-1 Chromebook, GoGuardian continues to protect their Internet activity wherever they are.


Internet filtering is a vitally important tool for protecting pupils from the dangers of the online world and GoGuardian is the Trust’s chosen solution which offers a variety of effective features which will help schools protect pupils online.

If you are a parent or teacher, I encourage you to learn more about internet filtering and GoGuardian. These tools are designed to keep pupils safe online and allow them to focus on their education and we highly recommend them to you.

Daniel Parvin, Head of Digital Systems